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Stago leverages Module Suite capabilities 
for a successful Content Server implementation

"What you would like to have on Content Server is a tool which extends features as standard modules do, but which also has the flexibility of specific developments. This is exactly on this idea that the Module Suite of AnswerModules has been built."

"By adopting Module Suite, you will be able to answer all your business requirements. At Aerow, we have been early adopters of the Module Suite and we strongly believe that AnswerModules is the future of Content Server. It gives you the flexibility that you should have on every enterprise software."

Eric Carbonel
Senior Consultant at Aerow
Healthcare Laboratory founded in 1945, nowadays Stago is an Industrial Company specialized in In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) dedicated to the exploration of Hemostasis and Thrombosis.
Walking to success with Module Suite.

Experience feedback by Frédéric Authouart, Responsible for Project Monitoring and Controls at Stago

"The goal was to replace our document management tool that no longer met the 21 CFR Part 11 requirements (pharmaceutical context). During the design of the new solution, we reached many blocking points: lack of flexibility in workflows, few automations available, complexity of users' interface, weak documentary checks and performance issues (more than 30 minutes to load a file)."

"With the help of Éric Carbonel from AEROW, we were introduced to AnswerModules, and more particularly to the ContentScript Module, which completely reversed the situation. We were then able to automate and simplify many workflows steps, dynamically manage access rights; handle unique references, link different document processes (publication, reading for application, review and archiving of applicability) and also to accelerate our processes."

AnswerModules' team was flexible and reactive, which was a part of the project's success - the only frustration we had was the inability at the time to invest in purchasing licenses for all our user base."

"The next step is to review the workflow interface entirely using the Beautiful Forms included in the ModuleSuite. The goal is to provide the users with a simple and modern interface, and at the same time to add the required documentary checks that cannot be achieved with the standard interface."

AnswerModules saved our project, and was our only way to success."
Integration Partner
AEROW is the first French integrator of Enterprise Content Management solutions. With a strong experience in the areas of Business Intelligence, Digital, Performance and Change Management, AEROW offers a complete support in the process of dematerialization and digital transition.

AEROW's objective is to improve content management by providing solutions adapted to customer needs and requirement.
With a 200+ staff, AEROW brings the best of ECM expertise to ensure every project's success.

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