Module Suite - Smart Pages

Unlocking Smart View's potential

The first low-coding solution dedicated to crafting 
Enterprise Application UIs on Extended ECM

The low-coding engine dedicated to personalize the SmartUI as to create be-spoke interfaces, menu items or dashboards that are contextualized to the specific business needs. 

    Efficiently create modern and productive UIs

    >Leverage an agile development approach

    >Library of configurable widgets to meet almost any requirement. The library can be extended

    Widgets can be configured to implement functions and business logic within the UI

Key Features

Low-coding Tools

An extensive library of pre-packaged components can be quickly configured to specific requirement

Reusable component architectures

Support modern multi-channel accessibility requirements, at no additional effort.

Business Friendly

Visual drag-and-drop tools allow non-technical users to easily design and maintain tailored UIs.

Extended ECM Empowered Applications

Apply and keep a coherent UI when tailored solutions are utilized within leading applications.

Fully Integrated

Add-on module for Extended ECM designed natively for the Smart View.

Integral Part of the Module Suite

With the addition of Smart Pages, Module Suite truly becomes the only add-on solution you’ll ever need.

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