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AnswerModules’s affiliate company focused on providing professional services related to Module Suite and OpenText Extended ECM.

The Mission

AnswerConsulting's goal is to help organizations do more with their existing ECM platform by leveraging Extended ECM and Module Suite. They offer technology and services that enable smart business processes and improve efficiency. By providing highly trained consultants with strong commitment, AnswerConsulting aims to become the de-facto reference for Module Suite based implementations.

The Method

AnswerConsulting's team is composed of ECM experts with a passion for optimization. They always make sure to address your underlying business challenges by delivering solutions that produce measurable and sustainable results.

  • Digital Business Process activation / improvement
  • Digital Transformation programs
  • Digital Acceleration programs
  • Cost and complexity reductions
  • Enhanced ECM ecosystems

The Services

AnswerConsulting's offer is a mix of best practices and flexible solutions tailored to individual needs:

Project Implementation

AnswerConsulting would gladly implement your projects from A to Z, and even train you on how we did it.

Best Practice Consultancy

AnswerConsulting likes good challenges. You can leverage their key experts to solve those critical issues that keep you up at night

Project Bootstrapping

AnswerConsulting can help with the initial ‘blue-printing’ stages, such as the definition of project scope & specifics.

Technical Training

They offer training for both Service Providers and Customers. Ad-hoc training can also be delivered based on specific needs.


Got something you can’t solve? The AnswerConsulting's team is here to help you!

Updates & Migrations

It works, but it is old. Now what? They can assist you in updating and migrating your legacy systems and solutions.

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AnswerModules’s sister company focused on providing professional services related to Module Suite and OpenText Extended ECM.