Module Suite - Script Console

Extend the reach of your Extended ECM processes, in a secure way

A secure endpoint for Extended ECM integrations.

The Script Console is a multi-platform, multi-purpose tool that can be used to cover different scenarios in which Extended ECM can't be exposed directly.

    Serve web forms to intranet or extranet users

    >Create a secure endpoint for integrations

    >Schedule bulk automated tasks

    Access Content Server through an interactive terminal

Run it as you need it

Script Console can be run in multiple execution modes, depending on the task at hand.

Standalone Server

The Script Console can be executed as a standalone server: the lightweight webserver it includes is capable of serving web pages, as well as to work as REST API endpoint for integration with remote systems.

Interactive terminal

The Script Console can also run in interactive mode, allowing Administrators to perform bulk, automatized tasks directly on Extended ECM without being forced to use the web interface.


An internal scheduler allows the Script Console to plan and execute tasks at predefined times. Additionally, it can be invoked directly from external scheduled jobs (for example, in crontab or windows scheduler).

A few common usage scenarios

Connect Multiple Extended ECM Instances

The Script Console can be configured to connect to multiple Extended ECM instances at once. Content Scripts can be synchronized and executed across different instances.

Remote WebForms

Export Beautiful WebForms forms to external users and partners with no direct access to Extended ECM, collect data and import them back.

Extended ECM Administration

Administration tasks can be performed in a scripting fashion from a command-line terminal that can run directly on the admin's workstation, avoiding unnecessary and time consuming interaction with the GUI.

Remote System Integration

The Script Console can be used to safely integrate Extended ECM with external systems. Being a standalone system, it can be deployed on different environments (for example, in a DMZ). In such way it is possible to create secure infrastructures in which Extended ECM is not directly exposed to external systems.

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