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Owens-Illinois (O-I) implements company-wide Conflict of Interest process with AnswerModules Module Suite

"The kind of expertise that AnswerModules' team was capable of bringing to the table was a key value for us as it eliminated the guess work normally associated with custom projects. They also provided the type of tailored support that we required."

Dale Thorn
ECM Architect at Owens-Illinois
Owens-Illinois (O-I) is the world's leader in glass container manufacturing. Founded in 1929, O-I has almost a century in crafting pure, sustainable and brand-building packaging for many of the world's best food and beverage brands. Today O-I employs over 25,000 people around the globe and is part of the Fortune 500.
The Challenge.
In order to better satisfy its compliance and ethics obligations, O-I was looking for an efficient and flexible solution to survey all white-collar employees and identify potential Conflict of Interest (COI). The optimal solution would cover all the aspects of the process, including management of survey campaigns, delivery of Conflict of Interest survey forms to employees, automatic triggering of review and approval workflows and have the capability of over-viewing the status of entire process.

OpenText Content Server was the target platform for the implementation of this project. However, some key aspects of the specific scenario required extended capabilities unavailable out-of-the-box.
The Solution.
Module Suite was identified as the solution capable of filling in the gaps and provide the flexibility required for the project's success. In particular, the Remote WebForms extension provided the key capability of publishing forms to external users with no right to access the Content Server installation, which resulted in a primary success factor.
  • OpenText Content Server 10.5
  • AnswerModules Module Suite
  • AnswerModules Remote WebForms extension
  • Content Script extension for Workflows
Key Features.
Remote access to forms. One of the critical aspects was enabling remote users, with no access to Content Server, the ability to participate in the COI process. The Remote WebForms extension for Beautiful WebForms filled this functional gap, allowing to extend the Content Server experience to remote users.

Support for form attachments. Form users needed to upload and attach documents for inspection within the review workflow.

Form-to-PDF transformation. The option of one-click and automated transformation of compiled forms to PDF was added. This allowed to create and watermark a PDF that was filled away with the attachments at the end of the process.

Smart dashboards and process intelligence. Users with permission were given access to a dashboard capable of providing a status overview of each request as well as the ability of starting new campaigns from a simple excel sheet.

Campaign data export for analysis and reporting. Through the dedicated dashboard, managing users were able to download a status snapshot of any running campaign.

Enhanced control over workflow data and external integration. The Content Script extension for Workflows allowed for full control over the data throughout the entire process. This allowed easy extraction and subsequent updating of the information in workflows in response to external actions.

Tailored notifications. Notifications tailored to the specific process steps where used to engage the various users involved (internal and external).

Simplified workflow design. The Content Script extension for Workflows contributed significantly in streamlining the design of workflows on Content Server, reducing the workflow complexity and enhancing maintainability.

Simplified form management. The flexibility provided by Beautiful WebForms Form Builder was one of the key success factors for the project, allowing for quick and effective prototyping and fast response to user feedback.
The Results.
The Conflict of Interest solution was successful in meeting the high expectations of the end users. Feedback from internal testing was extremely positive, due to the quality of the user experience and the overall ease of use.

"AnswerModules Module Suite empowered us with all the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently: our Conflict of Interest project simply couldn't be done otherwise." said Dale Thorn, ECM Architect at Owens-Illinois.

"The results that can be obtained with such ease are simply impressive. Seeing that Module Suite's extent goes far beyond just forms, we've alreadystarted scoping out new projects." said Thorn.

"The kind of expertise that AnswerModules' team was capable of bringing to the table was a key value for us as it eliminated the guess work normally associated with custom projects. They also provided the type of tailored support that we required." concluded Dale Thorn.

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