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The Durst Organization adopted Module Suite as the go-to solution for its Content Suite projects.

"Even when a solution appears hard to obtain Module Suite makes me confident to think outside the box."

Nikolas Stathopoulos
Business Analyst, The Durst Organization

Integration partner

Alitek's services are focused on developing strategies and delivering solutions that help companies organize, integrate and control their information to increase efficiency, access and innovation.

With the introduction of Module Suite Alitek was able to deliver Durst's CSP project in significantly less time and provide high value results.

By creating solutions with Module Suite, Alitek benefited from an agile development approach thereby allowing Durst's EIM team to be involved in every step of the project.

The Alitek team has also been enabled to proactively help identify new CSP projects to tackle upcoming business requirements.

For over 100 years, The Durst Organization has been a family-run business dedicated to the principles of innovation, integrity, community, and sustainability. We build, own, and operate premier office towers and residential buildings that set new standards in environmental responsibility and user efficiency. We create value for our tenants and partners by developing sustainable residential and commercial properties in which people live, work, and thrive.
The Challenge.

The Durst Organization together with Alitek, its professional services partner, implemented OpenText Content Suite (CSP) as its core content repository for capturing, storing and tracking the lifecycle of all business content. Durst's preference was to use CSP's out-of-the-box functionality as much as possible and thus steer away from building customizations.

However, in some cases, Durst's specific needs and business requirements were unaligned to CSP's standard capabilities and therefore the creation of easily maintainable tailored solutions was necessary. With this in mind, Alitek recommended Module Suite as the framework with which to create solutions through a low-coding approach and without the use of proprietary languages.

The Solution.

Thanks to a few demonstrations, Durst was able to perceive Module Suite's capabilities in enhancing as well as extending CSP's standard functionalities. It also become clear that Module Suite would provide the tools and framework needed to create bespoke solutions without having to resort to inflexible customizations.

With the support of Alitek, high-productivity solutions were quickly created and rolled out within Durst. The benefits of these solutions were an increase in end-user satisfaction and a subsequent wider adoption of CSP.
  • Content Suite 16.2.5
  • SmartUI
  • Module Suite
Key Points.
Data-integrity and efficiency. To avoid repository pollution and prevent unintentional changes to information a data integrity solution was created with Module Suite. When a document was uploaded to CSP the solution was able to intercept it and immediately identify if any duplicate documents already existed on the system.

“Thanks to Module Suite we avoided needless waste of time and confusion on our system.”

Intuitive UX. For the line of business, having an intuitive and modern interface was equally important as the solutions' functionality. The Module Suite's extensive support of the SmartUI helped the Durst and Alitek teams in designing 100% SmartUI based interfaces and dashboards which perfectly aligned to the business' expectations.

"The extended functionalities of Module Suite allowed the SmartUI to be tailored to our business needs."

High productivity forms. Due to CSP's breadth and complex system of folders, the organization's departments required a tool to facilitate the navigation and the upload of documents. Based on the answers gathered in a high-productivity form and according to the file's type, category and property, uploaded documents were automatically routed to different spaces. This intuitive interface ensured that users stored documents in the correct location without needing to know the governing business rules.

"We can cover many of our requirements and do more on Content Suite without the need for external implementations or solutions."

Automation at the service of productivity. Durst leveraged Module Suite's automation capabilities in order to implement an additional form that allowed end-users to search and export documents in a matter of clicks. Easily exporting a document's metadata to an excel file was also made possible. To further facilitate the process, the form was characterized by the use of a custom interface which assisted end-users in quickly obtaining the documents they needed.

"Even when a solution appears hard to obtain Module Suite makes me confident to think outside the box."
The Results.
Go-to solution
By allowing CSP to be tailored and personalized while maintaining customizations to a bare minimum, Module Suite became the go-to solution for Durst's present and future projects. Whenever a new requirement emerges, Durst and Alitek are now better equipped to propose a solution on CSP without having to resort to purchasing additional software. In the future Durst will grow its in-house resources skilled on Module Suite in order to support the expansion of CSP use-cases and to discover new ways of leveraging the technology.

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