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With Module Suite, Datacom was able to transform customer relationships by delivering high-value results and by extending Content Suite's capabilities.

"Module Suite transformed the way we work with our customers – it has enabled us to deliver complete and continuous guidance on their projects all year round."

Megan Cappelleri
EIM Practice Manager at Datacom

"Our typical customer engagement lasts for several years, therefore we need to be certain that whatever technology we position will keep working through the years... Module Suite provides just that, a future proof technology from a reliable partner."

Markus Thelesklav
EIM Technology Lead at Datacom
With over 50 years worth of experience Datacom is one of the premier IT consultancy and service firms in the APAC region and has been providing customers with OpenText ECM related services for years. Datacom was initially drawn to Module Suite by its workflow enhancing capabilities. Shortly after viewing Module Suite's other features, primarily the scripting engine and forms, Datacom realized that whole new scenarios could be opened up on the CS/xECM platform.
Why Datacom adopted Module Suite.
Transformation of the Customer Relationship.

By positioning Module Suite in its customers' projects, Datacom was able to provide better and higher value results. The resulting increase in customer satisfaction and the possibility to propose innovative solutions transformed Datacom's relationship with its customers: Datacom is now viewed not just as a consultancy and service provider, but also as a trusted advisor, allowing its consultants to be more proactive in helping customers identify new CS/xECM projects. Furthermore, Module Suite's technical and business benefits have been the catalyst in Datacom's continuous year-round engagement on customers' projects.

Reduced barrier for new projects.

By being able to satisfy almost any requirement, and by being viewed as a trusted advisor, the number of projects entrusted to Datacom quickly increased. This increase in business was also due to the word-of-mouth within customers' different departments which attested that Datacom could deliver whatever process was needed on CS/xECM. At one specific customer, the word-of-mouth factor led Datacom to be booked for a full year by two completely different departments. Datacom's growing portfolio of successful results obtained with Module Suite has also been a key factor in scoping out new projects with additional customers.

    • 10+ Resources trained and enabled on Module Suite.
    • 5+ Projects with Module Suite.
    • 30+ Module Suite has been identified as one of the three key                                                      add-on solutions for CS/xECM projects. 
Benefits of the Module Suite in Content Suite projects. 
Agile development. Thanks to Module Suite's tools and architecture, Datacom was able to introduce and utilize an agile development methodology within its customers' projects. With this new approach, business users were involved throughout the entire project and their feedback could be applied in real-time. This also led to customers having a clear vision of the end-results through all of the project's changes and phases.

"Module Suite empowered us with agile approach which ultimately allowed business users to be strongly involved from the beginning."

Beyond content centric processes. Once the initial projects were delivered, customers were quick to realize that a new technology was introduced which allowed them to tailor CS/xECM to their specific needs. Customers rapidly brought forth various business requirements that blurred the line with or went beyond the typical content centric processes. This new perspective resulted in customer's increased appreciation for the CS/xECM platform with half of the new projects being unrelated to a content or document lead process.

"If there are any requirements around automation and processing, Module Suite is a de-facto part of the solution stack."

Integration with external systems. Module Suite enabled Datacom to extend CS/xECM's reach by developing solutions which integrate with external systems. These types of solutions allowed business users to make decisions directly on CS/xECM while being led by information residing on another system. Besides being able to integrate with industry standard solutions, such as Oracle PeopleSoft, Datacom was also able to integrate CS/xECM with customers' home-grown custom solutions. On one occasion Module Suite was the key-driver in a project's success as it made the integration possible between Content Suite and a custom solution for which no APIs were available.

"With Module Suite we're able to deliver the integration requirements regardless of how specific they might be."

Ease of training resources. To fulfill the increasing number of commissioned projects, additional technical EIM resources needed to be allocated. Thanks to Module Suite's low-learning curve, Datacom's EIM practice was able to quickly train and bring up to speed these new resources. Even non CS/xECM specialized resources were able to develop with Module Suite in a matter of days primarily thanks to the use of common programming languages.

"Thanks to Module Suite's technology stack, it was very easy for us to expand our team when required."

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