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With Module Suite the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) maximized their use of the latest and greatest version of Content Suite.

"With Module Suite we are able to extend the capabilities of our solutions created within the Content Suite platform."

Markos Dolopikos
Principal Officer IT, BSTDB
The Challenge.
The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) is a recognized early-adopter in the Content Suite space and on several occasions has been the first organization to leverage the latest features released by OpenText. This pioneering attitude, driven by the objective of providing the best experience to its business users, is also reflected in BSTDB's tendency to scope out new projects whenever a new Content Suite feature is available.

With the release of the SmartUI, BSTDB saw an opportunity to facilitate the adoption of Content Suite by leveraging the improved UI within the organization's processes and applications. However, to take full advantage of the SmartUI's potential and deliver game-changing solutions to its business users, BSTDB also needed a way to easily add productivity oriented automations and intuitive UXs.
The Solution.

BSTDB first approached AnswerModules upon recommendation by other organizations in the Content Suite community. Impressed with the capabilities offered by the Module Suite, BSTDB recognized it as their go-to-tool for creating tailored solutions on Content Suite as well as facilitating the use of v16's functionalities in their development projects. The Module Suite provided the flexibility, which was perfectly aligned with the goal of favoring Content Suite's adoption by delivering meaningful and highly-intuitive solutions to the business users in a timely fashion.

  • Content Suite 16.2
  • SmartUI
  • AnswerModules Module Suite
  • Module Suite Extension for SmartUI
Key Points.
Connecting Heterogenous Sources. To take further advantage of their ECM investment, BSTDB needed to streamline the bulk transfer as well as the categorization of 15000+ legal documents from a file system to Content Suite. In order to avoid a cumbersome import process, the Module Suite was leveraged to create a script that would drastically automate the process. The script's flexibility allowed it to accommodate imperfect data coming from heterogeneous sources such as the file system as well as Excel files.

High Productivity Forms. Once the 15000+ legal documents were imported into Content Suite, the legal department needed a tool to facilitate the ingestion of future documents. The Module Suite was utilized to create a high-productivity form that allowed end-users to process a new document in a matter of clicks. To further guide the end-user through the process, the form was characterized by the use of dynamic form fields, data validation and smart data-entry automation.

Beyond Document Management. In occasion of an EIM event presided by BSTDB, a mini portal was developed with the aim of facilitating the sharing of documents and forms with the event's attendees. The mini-portal was developed utilizing Module Suite's forms in a unique manner and leveraged Content Suite solely as the source of truth for the documents to be shared. The Module Suite was also utilized to integrate the OTDS directory tool in order to allow users to auto-register for the event and to ensure their authentication on the portal.

Aligned to BSTDB's Needs. BSTDB was one of the first organizations to adopt Connected Workspaces as part of their upgrade to Content Suite v16. A key hurdle in the upgrade was the migration from existing Case Workspaces to new Connected Workspaces. The only option was to do a laborious manual migration, although this was not compatible with BSTDB's time-frame. Therefore the Module Suite was utilized to create an automated tool that completed the migration in a fraction of the time and thus allowed BSTDB to continue their planned Content Suite v16 upgrade.
The Results.
End-user Productivity
The solutions created with Module Suite proved to be extremely intuitive to the extent that even non-tech savvy users were able to utilize them without the need for time-consuming training. Department directors were very enthusiastic about the delivered solutions and through the organization business users appreciated the fact that the IT department was investing resources in order to improve their daily work.

"The increased user adoption rate was better than what we initially expected."
Getting the most from Content Suite
Module suite has helped BSTDB to enhance the value of its investment in using and adopting the newest versions of Content Suite. A key-reason why BSTDB adopted Module Suite is that it allowed them to address their organization's very specific needs in situations where the out-of-the-box features were not perfectly aligned to the requirements. This has supported BSTDB in continuing to be a pioneer in the Content Suite space which also resulted in BSTDB's upper management to recognize that they are an innovator in terms of leveraging technology.

"To be fast and efficient on our ECM journey we can rely on Module Suite to help us overcome any hurdle."

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