Module Suite was identified as the ideal solution to improve the existing workflows and enhance the overall UX with more modern UIs.

"Module Suite has allowed us to rejuvenate our application, especially at a time when we were in version 10.5 and we didn't yet have the possibility of setting up SmartUI. We've really seen better user acceptance and adoption as soon as they’ve had access to the Module Suite interfaces. To us, Module Suite means also simpler, more manageable and easily maintainable workflow maps."

Catherine Gillet
IT Project Manager, Boiron

Integration partner

AEROW is the first French integrator of Enterprise Content Management solutions. With strong experience in the areas of Business Intelligence, Digital, Performance and Change Management, AEROW offers complete support in the process of dematerialization and digital transition.

AEROW's goal is to improve content management by providing solutions adapted to customer needs and requirements.

With a 200+ staff, AEROW brings the best of ECM expertise to ensure every project's success.
Laboratories Boiron is a 100% French-owned company leader in homeopathy. 

With 2.800 employees and 177 million homeopathic tubes and doses sold worldwide, Boiron operates in 50 different countries. 
The Challenge.
Boiron had a long history with the OpenText Content Suite as it was used not only to manage documents but also as a platform for some key business processes. 

One of their key business processes was centered around 250-step workflow, which meant 250 potential blocking points. The process was used on a daily basis and it was not uncommon that ten or so workflows didn’t work properly.
The sheer number of steps and complexity made it challenging to identify flaws as well as restarting the system effortlessly. 

In addition, since the workflow comprised several parallel steps, some ‘forced’ waiting times between one step and the next had to be implemented to ensure the proper functioning of the workflow.
The workflow in question also impacted on Boiron’s ability to migrate to a newer version of the platform as the impact was difficult to evaluate. 

Moreover, end-user adoption proved challenging as the platform’s look&feel and UI were not perceived as user-friendly. Therefore, a refresh to the UI was needed in order to meet the users' needs and expectations.
The Solution.

Through AEROW, Boiron’s professional service partner, Module Suite was identified as the ideal solution to improve and streamline the existing workflows, as well as enhancing the overall UX with more modern and pleasent UIs that would satisfy Boiron’s specific business requirements.

  • OpenText Content Suite 
  • Module Suite
Key Points.
Enhanced Workflows. With Module Suite Boiron could redesign its workflow and streamline it to only 3 steps, while keeping all the previous functions and business logic intact. The revised workflow map was more compact and easier to maintain, thereby making it simpler to identify issues and fix them quickly.

“At the end of the day, we have fewer problems, and it's easier to understand their origin as to find a solution when it happens.”
Trouble-free migration. Such a critical workflow made any migration to newer versions of the platform challenging. By re-engineering it with Module Suite, Boiron could effortlessly migrate from Content Suite v10.5 to v20.2. The migration was even easier for those workflows engineered with Module Suite from the start: they were simply put on hold until the process was completed and once into production workflows resumed in a totally transparent way.

“The migration we did to v20.2 while already using Module Suite was totally seamless.”

Intuitive Forms and Automations. In order to better meet users’ expectations and increase their adoption, Boiron redesigned the search forms and the related results list. Moreover, the tailored menu items were implemented which allowed users to quickly perform actions such as zipping and downloading the search results, exporting them in PDF and Excel format or simply printing them.

“The search forms interface is more user-friendly to the point that we were able to give access to it from our intranet and it is being widely used.”

Improved UX. The previous form interfaces were updated with a more pleasant and responsive UI, which facilitated users’ interaction in their everyday activities. Users were so satisfied with the new interfaces that Boiron didn’t even feel the need to set up the SmartUI after migrating from v.10.5 to v.20.2. The improvements were perceived also by Boiron’s HQ, who could benefit from the pleasant new UIs and be able to approve documents via mobile devices effortlessly.

“Now, with Module Suite, there is more flexibility, more pleasant displays and more responsive design of the interfaces.”

AerowPackageManager. The synergy between AEROW and AnswerModules was key also to support Boiron through the AerowPackageManager, the tool provided by AEROW to facilitate the deployment of Module Suite developments on different environments. 

“What we also appreciate a lot about working together with Aerow and Module Suite is being able to use the AerowPackageManager.”
The Results.
Thanks to Modules Suite, Boiron completely revamped its process and experience. Boiron streamlined and improved its workflows, thus easily migrating to the updated version of Content Suite and ensuring future maintainability.
In addition, the improved UX led to an overall increase in end-user satisfaction and greater adoption of the platform.

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