Module Suite was the key component that allowed CMA CGM to fully personalize their Extended ECM platform, by enhancing the standard interfaces and optimizing the management of both physical and electronic documents.

"We were quite new to the OpenText world and as business demands increased, we realized that the use of Module Suite would become essential."

Jessica Bringué
Group ECM Domain Manager – CMA CGM

Integration partner

Infosquare is a growing international IT and Digital services company that offers premium solutions and services to organizations seeking a sustainable competitive advantage.

With an international presence in France, Benelux and North America, Infosquare supports clients in their digital transformation journey by drawing on the expertise of their experts and consultants as well as those of their main strategic partners, among which AnswerModules.
The CMA CGM Group is a world leader in maritime, land, air and logistics solutions, serving more than 420 ports across the globe with a fleet of 580 vessels. The Group is at the forefront of digital innovation in its sector.

CMA CGM relies on OpenText Extended ECM to centralize, manage and store all its valuable documents in one place.
The Challenge.
A few years after the initial deployment of Extended ECM, CMA CGM needed to conduct a revamp of the platform in order to meet end-users’ changing expectations in terms of user interface and functionality. At the same time CMA CGM wanted to implement a solution for dynamically managing users’ rights and permissions. 

CMA CGM also wished to decommission a custom tool previously created for the management of physical records as it was yielding poor results: although the customer had quite large stocks of physical archives, almost nobody consulted them as their existing was largely unknown.

The goal was to implement the tool directly within Extended ECM and connect the electronic and the physical archives management, thereby providing users with direct access to both inventories and ensuring better knowledge management as a whole. 

However, soon enough CMA CGM realized that satisfying such specific requirements would have been quite challenging using only the platform’s standard functionality. 
The Solution.

With guidance from Infosquare, its professional services partner, CMA CGM implemented an efficient, tailored business solution for improved document governance, leveraging Module Suite to accelerate its digital transformation.

  • OpenText Extended ECM
  • AnswerModules Module Suite
Key Points.
Dynamic permissions management. By leveraging Module Suite's ability to enhance forms, CMA CGM brilliantly succeeded in managing user permissions and access. An intelligent form was introduced which dynamically displayed results and adapted rights according to the corporate domains the users’ belonged to.

The dynamic forms created with Module Suite makes it very practical to manage role and access rights. This is what we aimed to have from the start.
Facilitating access to physical and electronic archives. Module Suite enabled CMA CGM to centralize the management of both physical and electronic archives into a single application, thus enabling users to quickly consult documents depending on the access granted.

Thanks to the newly implemented solution, requests for document archiving and consultation could finally be submitted rapidly and easily. Users, who would previously create each request individually, could now generate requests in batches thereby drastically reduce the time and effort needed for such a task.

Thanks to Module Suite we’ve implemented a solution that is as close as possible to our business’ original requirement.

Integration with external systems. Module Suite facilitated the integration of Extended ECM with CMA CGM's master data repository. One result of this integration was that form fields were enriched with data coming directly from the database, thereby allowing users to access the most up-to-date data. 

Better data quality in our processes was largely made possible by using Module Suite to integrate with the master data repository.

Enhanced UI. As part of the platform’s revamping, the UIs needed to be improved in order to satisfy requests coming from the business.  Module Suite was leveraged to implement more modern looking and user-friendly interfaces on the SmartUI. One of the successful implementations entailed creating a tailored search interface through which users found a precise record in only three clicks. This solution not only greatly improved user’s productivity but it also increased Extended ECM’s overall adoption. 

We are better aligned with what the business asks for, and people's productivity is improving.
The Results.
Module Suite was the key component that allowed CMA CGM to fully personalize their Extended ECM platform: by enhancing the standard interfaces and adding new features CMA CGM could deliver solutions that perfectly met the needs of business users, ensure better data quality and ultimately improving user productivity. CMA CGM also optimized the management of both physical and electronic documents making them easily available for consultation while always ensuring secure access to information.

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