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Get the Module Suite. You won't need anything else.

The Module Suite is a comprehensive framework of highly innovative solutions dedicated to OpenText™ Content Server. The Module Suite includes all the tools you will need to extend, customize, and enrich your Content Server experience.

Beautiful WebForms

Beautiful WebForms Beautiful WebForms is the most advanced framework for the creation of forms and form-based applications on OpenText™ Content Server. Provides out-of-the-box support for robust input validation, reusable corporate templates, drag & drop editing, custom business logic embedding, and much more.

Content Script

Content Script Content Script is the first scripting engine dedicated to the OpenText™ Content Server. A cakewalk to learn, incredibly flexible, highly extensible: the best tool to create anything on Content Server, from simple automation tasks to complete business-grade applications.

Script Console

Script Console The Script Console is a powerful, multi-purpose, multi-platform standalone runtime environment for the execution of Content Script. Allows to remotely manage Content Server, automate administration tasks, create REST-API endpoints for integration with external systems.

Content Script Extensions. More opportunities, just where you want them.

Content Script Extensions apply the flexibility of Content Script to specific areas of Content Server, enhancing standard functionalities and widening the range of available options for developers and administrators.


Content Script Extension for UI

Content Script Extension for UI is an extension package that allows to tailor the standard Content Server user interface and fine tune it to the needs of your organization.

Content Script Extension for Workflows

Content Script Extension for Workflows is an extension to the standard Content Server Workflows module which allows to use Content Script objects as powerful multi-purpose steps in new or existing workflows.

Content Script Extension for WebReports

Content Script Extension for WebReports is an extension to OpenText's WebReports module, which enables a set of new functionalities, such as creating custom WebReports data sources with Content Script or executing Content Script objects through a dedicated WebReports subtag.

Kickstart Applications. Why start from scratch?

Kickstart Applications are fully-functional application templates for Content Server built with the Module Suite. Currently available at no cost to all Module Suite owners!

Supplier Invoice Management Application

Supplier Invoice Management

A complete solution for small and medium businesses. Easily integrated with your ERP thanks to the flexibility of Content Script technology, and entirely hosted on your OpenText™ Content Server.


"Now that we have experienced the kind of results that can be achieved by using the AnswerModules toolset, it would be very hard for me to suggest going back to a more traditional approach to creating Content Server applications"

Maurizio Di Paola, Project Manager for BPS (SUISSE) SA

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