Module Suite Extension for Smart UI

Use the SmartUI to its fullest.

Tap the full potential of the SmartUI and tailor it your specific business needs.

Effectively render the SmartUI as the one-stop-shop high-productivity interface for any application by fine-tuning what information is presented and how that information is utilized. With the Module Suite Extension for SmartUI, your organization can utilize the full potential of the SmartUI and tailor it to your specific business needs.

Streamline processes

Self-contain even the most complex processes completely within the SmartUI.

Enhance productivity

Provide end-users with easier to use and more efficient business processes.

Facilitate Smart UI adoption

Accelerate the SmartUI's adoption by delivering real value to your users.

Key features

Forms in SmartUI Tiles

Enable seamless embedding of Beautiful WebForms within the SmartUI.

Easily assemble your UI

Use configurable widgets and forms to build dedicated UIs for any process.

Fully leverage the SmartUI

Make the SmartUI the one-stop-shop for all your business processes, delivering a uniform and coherent UX.

Dedicated Widgets

The Module Suite Extension for SmartUI also comes with a collection of multi-purpose widgets to be used as SmartUI Tiles


Display different types of charts and accompnay them with custom descriptions.

Node Table

Show selected nodes and customize the displayed info starting from a node table.

Smart Links

Display customized set of links and shortcuts based on users' roles.

Plain HTML

General purpose widget to cover any specific need and display custom HTML returned by Module Suite.

Tree Navigation

Display a browsable tree to provide an overview of a data structure and quickly access specific content.

News Feed

Aggregate and display news from CS/xECM channels as well as alternative data source.

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