Mobile Webforms

Extend your forms and processes to include users which regularly operate out in the field.

Create Content Suite & Extended ECM mobile forms through a low-coding approach which can be used on any mobile device regardless of connectivity.

Thanks to Mobile WebForms a Content Suite & Extended ECM process can effectively be extended to include workers which operate remotely and in the field. In order to provide full control over how forms are distributed and how collected data is processed, Mobile WebForms leverages and capitalizes on the AppWorks Gateway’s functionality.

Offline scenarios
Submit forms with one tap once you are back online

Data collection
Use a device's native capabilities (GPS, camera, recording...)

Customizable endpoint
Define how form data will be used in Content Suite & Extended ECM

Programmatic distribution
Use business rules to distribute forms to users' devices

Go paperless
No more manual data entry, scanned documents or lost data

A few common usage scenarios.

Mobile WebForms maintain robust form field validation capabilities

Fully utilize Mobile WebForms even if the user is off-line

Updated forms are immediately distributed to the end-users

Easy syncronization of completed forms with just one tap

AnswerModules’ Mobile WebForms is a functional extension for Module Suite and consists of three macro components:

AppWorks Mobile Application

Every Mobile WebForms is transformed into an AppWorks application so that it can be it distributed to end-users’ devices through the AppWorks Gateway. This approach guarantees a very high degree of flexibility in terms of controlling access to the mobile form as well as governing the mobile form’s data security.

Dedicated endpoint

The Content Suite & Extended ECM endpoint can be easily extended or adapted in order to effectively open a potentially infinite number of use cases when it comes to how form data is utilized and persisted once its synchronized onto the platform. Some possible scenarios for how the form data can be utilized include: starting or updating a workflow, creating Connected Workspaces programmatically, generating documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc..), transmitting the data to another system (i.e.: CRM, ERP, etc..), and much more.

Mobile WebForm Application Builder

This component allows to create new AppWorks applications in a matter of minute starting from an existing form. An intuitive wizard-like tool guides users in defining all the necessary elements to transform a simple WebForm into a Mobile WebForm.

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