Content Script Extension for Workflows

Streamline your Content Server workflows

Extend standard Workflow capabilities with Content Script steps.

Within Content Script Workflow steps you will be able to use the rich set of Content Script APIs, any Content Script extension package as well as your own extensions. You will be able to modify Workflow Forms attributes and Workflow attributes, manipulate attached documents and also interact with external systems (eg. with SOAP/REST services).

Perform dynamic Workflow routing

The Content Script step execution outcome will be interpreted by the step itself in order to route the Workflow to the next step. You can build expressions that check for successful execution, execution errors or that interpret the outcome of your script as string or integer. The usage of Content Script Steps can reduce to a minimum the need for custom Event Trigger Scripts.

Content Script Workflow Expression Builder

Simplify workflow design with the flexibility of Content Script

Adopting Content Script within Content Server Workflows will have the immediate effect of dramatically simplifying the design of your workflows, avoiding unnecessary complexity and improving maintainability.

Content Script Workflow Extension

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