Content Script Extension for WebReports

More opportunities for your existing tools.

Increase the value of your existing WebReports based applications.

Being an incredibly powerful tool for Content Server application developers, WebReports has been successfully adopted in many scenarios and is today one of the most widely used Content Server extensions. Thanks to the Content Script extension for WebReports, WebReports owners will enjoy some great opportunities that arise from the availability of both modules at the same time on a Content Server environment.

Content Script as a WebReports Data Source

WebReports features a standard, fixed set of available data source types, which is not easily extensible. Thanks to the Content Script Extension for WebReports, any Content Script integrated system will be available as a WebReports data source. Any other system can be easily integrated by creating custom service endpoints through the Content Script SDK.

Content Script WebReports Extension

Run WebReports from a Content Script

Orchestrate WebReports execution with Content Script: Content Script API include a simplified service to load and run WebReports. It is possible to use Content Script as a reactor to run multiple existing WebReports, while keeping all the robustness, error handling capabilities and flexibility of the Content Script engine.

Content Script WebReports Extension

Run Content Scripts from custom WebReports tags

Include data resulting from execution of Content Script objects in your WebReports. A custom "RunCS" WebReports tag enables the execution of one or more Content Script objects within a WebReport, allowing for the introduction of additional business logic as well as the integration with any external system.

Content Script WebReports Extension

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