Content Script

The first and only genuine scripting engine for OpenText™ Content Server.

One tool. Countless opportunities.

Who needs a Scripting Engine, anyway? Most modern Enterprise Content Management systems have some sort of scripting capabilities. Adding Content Script to your Content Server toolkit will result in a significant improvement in the way a wide range of activities, requirements and issues can be addressed.

Thanks to its flexibility, Content Script will serve you for a variety of different purposes:

Create business-grade applications on Content Server

Tailor the Content Server UI to your needs

Integrate all sorts of external systems

Extend Content Server Workflow capabilities

Enhance the effectiveness of existing modules

Automate tasks on Content Server data

Key features

Countless APIs

Content Script features 1900+ documented API endpoints to interact with all Content Server functionalities and many extended features.

Complete and powerful

Content Script is a full-fledged programming language, and can be used to perform virtually any task.

Industry standard

Content Script has been built leveraging widely spread tools and libraries, enabling a quick onboarding of new developers.

Enhanced Workflows

Content Scripts can be used as automatic steps within Content Server Workflows.

Rich library of samples

A large set of pre-built scripts is available to get started quickly in any scenario.

Robust error handling

Scripts can be built to be extremely resilient, capable of intercepting and recovering from unexpected errors.


API extensions can be easily created with the provided SDK.

High productivity editor

Development environments, available directly within Content Server, support users with autocompletion, error detection and debugging capabilities.

Callback support

Scripts can be created to respond to specific events on Content Server.


Scripts can be configured to be automatically executed on a predefined schedule.


Scripts can be executed with enhanced privileges or impersonating different users.


All operations performed with Content Script are subject to regular Content Server auditing.

Content Script APIs

Content Script provides a built-in set of Application Programming Interfaces that allow direct control over the underlying Content Server and integrated external systems. Content Script core APIs allow to perform through scripting automation basically any action that can be performed through the standard Content Server GUI.

Content Script has been engineered for easy extensibility: in addition to standard API, a growing set of extension packages allows to address the most different tasks. And new extensions can be created with the SDK.

Featured APIs

Document Management

Core Create documents and folders, browse the Content Server document repository, manage permissions, read and modify metadata, add document versions, etc.

Users Management

Core Create, manage and browse users and groups. Add and remove members from groups, change group leaders, verify group membership, etc.

Workflow Management

Core Manage running workflows and kickoff new ones, read and modify workflow attachements, reassing and send on tasks programmatically, etc.


Core Provide access to administrator functionalities, such as XML import/export options, impersonation, etc.

Content Server Search

Core Perform searches using Content Server's search engine.


Core Create documents and folders, manage permissions, read and modify metadata, etc.


Core Easily create custom user notifications, but also scan mailboxes and transfer mail contents and attachments to Content Server.


Core Programmatically create forms, form templates and SQL tables, and access or modify the submitted data without having to rely on database queries.


Core Create customizable templates that can reused throughout your applications, to create a coherent user experience for GUIs, emails, forms...

Content Server Classifications

Extension Manage Classification and Classification Trees in a scripting fashion, re-classify thousands of documents with a single line of code.

Content Server Records Management

Extension Perform standard Records Management tasks programmatically: configure cross-references, holds, records details, and much more!

Content Server Physical Objects

Extension Perform Physical Objects tasks programmatically: create new physical items, containers and boxes, control circulation, etc.

Office Documents

Extension Read, create and edit MS Office Suite documents, manipulate document properties, export category metadata to spreadsheets, etc.


Extension Directly invoke SAP functions from your Content Scripts, and use the results in your business applications on Content Server.


Extension Create and manipulate PDF documents, apply watermarks, extract image previews, and much more with the PDF extension API.

AdLib PDF eXpress

Extension Create document renditions on demand thanks to the integration with AdLib PDF Express engine.


Extension Optimize performance of your scripts and applications, reducing the need for redundant data-intensive operations and unwanted load on the Content Server infrastructure or on any other critical system.


Extension Interact with multiple FTP services, allowing to fetch remote files and load them directly to Content Server, or export Content Server data.


Extension Exchange documents with the cloud-based solution using preconfigured credentials.


Extension Provide additional Right-to-left languages support and utilities.


Extension Connect and perform searches on all types of LDAP servers.

Extension packages

Content Script currently includes the following extension packages:

Content Script Extension for UI

Allows developers to quickly manipulate the standard Content Server UI.

  •   Customize browse views
  •   Customize menus
  •   Customize columns
  •   Much more...

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Content Script Extension for Workflows

Allows you to use Content Script steps within new or existing Content Server WorkFlow Maps.

  •   Integrate external systems
  •   Perform routing based on complex rules
  •   Manipulate attributes and attachments
  •   Much more...

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Content Script Extension for WebReports

Enables various new ways of using Content Server WebReports module.

  •   Content Script as WebReports datasource
  •   Run Content Scripts within WebReports
  •   Bulk execute WebReports
  •   Much more...

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