Module Suite

Tap the full potential of your OpenText™ Content Server.

Discover a smarter way to design, create, deploy and maintain your applications on OpenText™ Content Server.

OpenText™ Content Server is a fantastic platform that provides real value in very diverse scenarios. However there are situations that require enhanced flexibility, fast delivery times, enhanced UI or even the creation of completely customized applications to meet specific needs. With this in mind we have developed a suite of products that allows you to get the most out of OpenText™ Content Server and to tailor it around your business.

Key factors for your success

With Module Suite it is now possible for companies from any industry to enhance and personalize their OpenText™ Content Server with minimal technical skills and in a fraction of the time. Our solutions are based on industry standard tools, therefore guaranteeing a smooth learning experience.


Most customers can fully repay their investment on their first project using Module Suite.


Module Suite provides killer features that can be a life saver in many different scenarios, in any industry.


User and developers can be fully productive in days, not months.


Module Suite leverages industry standard tools and libraries.


At every new release, new features increase the value of your investment.

A thousand dilemmas, one solution.

Module Suite will bring substantial benefits in just any scenario you can think of.

"Content Server is the unique source of truth for all our documents: I don’t want a different platform for our Standard Operating Procedures, but I have to integrate data coming from legacy systems, and make it available on our intranet. How can I manage it?"

"We made an investment in OpenText Content Suite, and have many projects in pipeline, but I am on a tight budget, with limited delivery capacity and severe time constraints. Is there anything I can do to speed up things?"

"I have tons of form driven processes on my system that require constant maintenance and updates. How can I optimize their management and also enable my colleagues to easily create new ones?"

"We are willing to implement our Third Party Due Diligence and Compliance related processes and are not happy with any commercial product we have seen, since they are too complex for our needs. Would implementing our own tailored solution on Content Server be a good choice?"

"I need to setup a periodic task to perform the bulk import of documents and folders into Content Server. Information coming from the file names and contents should be used to initialize document metadata. The process should be robust enough to identify and handle exceptions, and I need it in production this week!"

"My organization intensively uses workflows to manage many different internal processes. We would really benefit from a tool capable of simplifying the creation of new workflows, to enable easy integration with other corporate systems, and to support us in maintaining what we have already built."

What's inside the box?

Module Suite currently includes three main modules.

Beautiful WebForms

Beautiful WebForms is the most advanced framework for the creation of forms and form-based applications on OpenText™ Content Server.

  •   Drag & drop visual editor
  •   Powerful input validation
  •   Responsive, mobile-ready layouts
  •   PDF-to-Form and vice versa
  •   Much more...

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Content Script

Content Script is the first scripting engine dedicated to the OpenText™ Content Server.

  •   Powerful automation options
  •   Enable UI customization
  •   No need for OScript
  •   REST API extension
  •   Much more...

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Script Console

The Script Console is a powerful, multi-purpose, multi-platform standalone runtime environment for Module Suite.

  •   Secure end points for integrations
  •   Manage extranet WebForms
  •   Plan and automate tasks
  •   Process tasks in batches
  •   Much more...

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Engineered to work together

There are various advantages when acquiring the complete Module Suite versus the single modules.


Although most components can be singularly deployed and successfully employed, the Module Suite has been designed to provide significant synergies when all of its modules are in place.

Cost optimization

The Module Suite offering includes significant discounts on the licensing costs of the single components.

Additional Benefits

Module Suite owners are granted free access to the Kickstart Applications repository, a library of pre-assembled applications built for OpenText™ Content Server that can be easily deployed and customized to meet real-world business needs.

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