Customer Stories

Module Suite empowered AEROW to deliver tailored solutions that better reflected its customers' requirements.

"Module Suite is the solution we've always been waiting for... The way its tools have been designed goes far beyond our expectations and allows us to easily develop quite fancy solutions within Content Suite/Extended ECM"

Laurent Loviconi, Business Development at AEROW

The Durst Organization adopted Module Suite as the go-to solution for its Content Suite projects.

"Even when a solution appears hard to obtain Module Suite makes me confident to think outside the box."

Nikolas Stathopoulos, Business Analyst, The Durst Organization

With Module Suite Chrome Consulting delivered complex project requirements and helped customers maximize their ECM benefits.

"Module Suite is a product that opens up your imagination... we're now discovering things we didn't think were possible with Content Suite."

Daniel Jewell, Director/Owner at Chrome Consulting

With Module Suite, Datacom was able to transform customer relationships by delivering high-value results and by extending Content Suite's capabilities.

"Module Suite transformed the way we work with our customers – it has enabled us to deliver complete and continuous guidance on their projects all year round."

Megan Cappelleri, EIM Practice Manager at Datacom

With Module Suite the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) maximized its use of the latest and greatest version of Content Suite.

"With Module Suite we are able to extend the capabilities of our solutions created within the Content Suite platform."

Markos Dolopikos, Principal Officer IT at BSTDB

SCK•CEN utilizes Module Suite to adopt an agile development approach and to take full ownership of their Content Suite development.

"At SCK•CEN we are really going forward with our document management system, boosting the maturity and professionalism of our information governance...that's largely thanks to AnswerModules."

Pieter Jan Hermans, ECM Analyst at SCK•CEN

Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA leverages Module Suite to enable Content Server as the primary corporate information hub.

"One of the key factors for choosing Module Suite was the fact that it’s based on a common programming language that is easy to learn and use. This allowed our team to become proficient in roughly 1 month and has greatly facilitated the expansion of our team in terms of training new resources."

Diego Pinoli, Head of ICT Development Office, Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) SA

Owens-Illinois (O-I) implements company-wide Conflict of Interest process with AnswerModules Module Suite

"The kind of expertise that AnswerModules' team was capable of bringing to the table was a key value for us as it eliminated the guess work normally associated with custom projects. They also provided the type of tailored support that we required."

Dale Thorn, ECM Architect at Owens-Illinois

Banca Popolare di Sondrio (SUISSE) implements Supplier Invoice Management process with ModuleSuite.

"Now that we have experienced the kind of results that can be achieved by using the AnswerModules toolset, it would be very hard for me to suggest going back to a more traditional approach to creating Content Server applications"

Maurizio Di Paola, Project Manager for BPS (SUISSE) SA

Stago leverages Module Suite capabilities for a successful Content Server implementation.

"AnswerModules saved our project, and was our only way to success."

Frédéric Authouart, Responsible for Project Monitoring and Controls at Stago

Fondation de France extends its OpenText Content Server capabilities with Module Suite.

"Integrating ModuleSuite gave us the opportunity to move from a negative user experience to complete user satisfaction. With this we ensured a bright future for our ECM and streamline related processes."

Joseph Behaghel, Project Manager, Fondation de France

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