Innovation Tour 2018

Module Suite is the essential add-on for Content Server. Thanks to the Module Suite, thousands of Content Server users have benefited from greatly enhanced user experiences, more robust and dynamic applications and leveraged external systems in ways that weren't possible before.

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Innovation Tour 2018

Integrating Content Server and DocuSign

Application backed by Module Suite

Meet the Module Suite in Toronto

20170406- OTLive Webinar Highlights

OpenText SmartUI a new Perspective over your content

AnswerModules is proud sponsor of the OpenText Innovation Tour 2017

Module Suite 2.0

20160721- OTLive Webinar Highlights

AnswerModules is proud sponsor of the Innovation Tour on March, 9 2016 in Paris .

How to edit a signed major version? When there is need for a new version/release.

Single Container for donations into Content Server - What's the simple method?

Meet us at Enterprise World 2015 #OTEW

Waiting for #OTEW: a sneak peek into ModuleSuite 2.0

Starting a workflow with a mandatory attachment

ModuleSuite 2.0 preview at Enterprise World 2015

How to install the Supplier Invoice Management Kickstart application

Integrating Content Server and Google Drive

Content Server REST Services – handling FORMS

Content Server REST APIs - a practical introduction to usage and extension

Prototype - Document Builder

Starting a workflow from a document.

Introducing the Content Script Online Debugger

Tailor your Content Server user experience

Alternative WebForms scenario: replacing WebForms with Excel spreadsheets

How WebForms would like to be

Supplier Invoice Management - In action

Build Applications on OpenText Content Server: Faster, Better

Creating Discussion object inside Workflow attachements

OpenText Enterprise World - November 2014 - Pitch

AnswerModules' ModuleSuite

AnswerModules Beautiful Remotable WebForms

TechyFriday: First Kickstart Application

TechyFriday: Playing with Scheduling

TechyFriday: Playing with Callbacks

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